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6 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy


As a pregnant woman, the period of pregnancy could be a very exciting. At the same time, you would be overloaded with so much information that you may be confused to judge which is most useful. Here we offer you a few simple tips which could be quite helpful to keep a good health of yourself as well as your baby.

1. Focus on the prenatal care.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant or you already know you are pregnant, you should focus more on the prenatal care. It is strongly suggested that before you really get pregnant, you should consider taking prenatal vitamins and reduce having alcohol, drugs and tobacco as well as decreasing intake of sugar and sodas. As soon as you believe that you are pregnant, you should go to see your OB/GYN, obstetrician, certified midwife or family practitioner who is qualified to confirm your pregnancy so as to help you have the adequate care you need. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you are kindly advised to take the regular prenatal visits to have a clear record of development of your pregnancy.

2. Maintain the good nutrition.

When your pregnancy is confirmed, it is necessary for you to have around 300 extra calories each day and extra should be taken if you are carrying multiples. In your daily diet, you should take the food with low content of fat such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads, lean meats and dairy products. Although some pregnant have the habit of taking prenatal vitamins, it should be vital to go for the healthy meals, because the vitamins could help you get enough nutrients like folic acid and iron, but they could not replace the nutrient-packed foods.

3. Keep a full hydration.

It is very important to ensure extra fluid intake during your pregnancy, because your blood volume could increase substantially and you need enough water to maintain a full hydration. By doing so, it could protect you from some common pregnancy-related problems such as constipation and dehydration.

4. Do regular exercises.

It is recommended by the medical professionals that pregnant women should build up the good habit of being engaged in some kinds of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for one hour and a half at least every week. Swimming and yoga are quite beneficial in this regard, because they are more comfortable to a pregnant woman without much injury risks. After the first months of pregnancy, you should stay away from abdominal exercises and floor exercises. It is very important that you should be technically guided when you are involved in certain exercises.

5. Get enough sleep.

It is widely accepted that pregnant women should have enough sleep. When you sleep, you had better sleep on your left side, since it is the best way to make sure the blood could flow to the placenta at its best and to keep the fetus from lying on a large blood vessel on the right side of the body.

6. Pay attention to what you do.

During your pregnancy, you should be much carful about doing something, such as taking alcohol, drugs, nicotine and caffeine, because they are all harmful to the growth of your baby and could cause some mental and physical birth defects in a new baby. The bad effects are so many to be listed in this short article. If you want to know about them better, you could go and consult with your doctor, who could offer you all the information you need in such respect.

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