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6 Tips for Finding the First Books for Your Baby

6 Tips for Finding the First Books for Your Baby


As parents, you must be much concerned about your kid’s education. When they are very young, you may begin to read the books for them, even if they are only a few months old. Reading the books to your kids help build up the binding relationship with your kids and also arouse their interests in learning the different language skills. There are some tips presented here for you in this regard.

1. Choose materials suitable for babies.

When you consider buying the first books for your baby, you should choose the cloth-made ones; for they are hard enough to stand your baby’s chewing and tearing. They would look as new as before after you washing them in water.

2. Go for the books with bright colors on.

When the baby starts to get to know colors, the black, red and white are the main colors attracting his attention. So try to find the books, which look very bright in cover and through pages which would certainly make your kid more interested in the books.

3. The more realistic pictures are helpful.

When finding the books for your baby, you had better choose the books with more realistic pictures or real photos, for they would help baby recognize the objects in real life easily. Although the hand-drawn illustrations are very attractive, they are tough for the baby to follow the clues in their recognition ability.

4. The shorter and simpler, the better.

It is kindly suggested that the books you choose for the baby should be in short sentence and simple design. On one page, one picture with one sentence is good enough for the baby to follow. That will help the baby think that looking at the books is kind of fun, but not the burden.

5. Reading technique is necessary.

When you decide to buy the books for your baby, besides he or she look at them by his or her own, you would definitely read them to your baby. We suggest that when you read, you had better raise your voice and exaggerate the sounds, enunciate each syllable slowing and clearly. These reading techniques would be helpful in encouragement to your baby.

6. Select books base on your child’s unique characters.

Although your baby is so young, he or she should show something different from other kids. So we should choose the books that fit with his or her characters. Maybe he like dogs, then look for some books with animals. If she loves to wriggle her butt to music, then go for music-playing books. So the books you are going to buy should depend on your kid’s own characters and interests.

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