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6 Tips for Enhancing the Productivity of Your Employees

6 Tips for Enhancing the Productivity of Your Employees

In business world, profit-making is one of important indicators for smooth operation and success of a company. And the company’s profitability greatly depends on its employee productivity, which should be carefully addressed whenever possible. Here is some advice you should consider in this regard.

 1. Carry out the wage plan based on piecework.

In order to improve your employee productivity, one approach you should try, that is build up some kind of direct relationship between what you have done and what you should be paid, for more specific, that is the wage plan based on piecework, not on the working hour. If the work of your employee could be simply quantified, then you could turn to such method for further enhancement of your employee productivity.

 2. Be promoted within the company.

If you have kind of policy that in most cases you would promote your employee to higher posts within the company if they do an excellent work, that would much improve their productivity, for they are given more impetus to work harder and they are motivated to move on for the higher positions.

 3. Make sure your employees are well-equipped.

One of the limits affecting employee productivity is whether they are well-equipped or not. If they are still using the very old machines for manufacturing products or outdated computers for processing data and document, how you expect the high productivity from them? So offer the best possible equipment you could to your employee for your appreciation and recognition of their hard work.

 4. Try the profit-sharing practice.

To encourage your employees to be much concerned and actively involved in the company business, you should consider trying introduction of profit-sharing plan, which would ensure employee would receive a certain percentage of the profits the company makes by the end of the year. Thus, employee is not just working for the company, but also working for their own interests.

5. Offer achievement awards to model employee.

Apart from the financial incentives and bonus, the authority’s recognition of their contribution to the company would be another important factor to motivate employees for higher productivity. So you could offer any kind of achievement awards to your model employee, like a plaque, jacket or certificate showing in which way they have done a marvelous work.

 6. Give your employee enough time for rest.

In order to ensure as high as your employee productivity, you should make sure your employee get enough time for break and rest, of course, their annual holidays. If they enjoy their ten-minute break during the day, they would be refreshed and happy to be back again to work with the higher productivity.

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