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6 Tips for Buying the Best Microwave Oven


Microwave ovens are common appliances in your kitchen and just as often as you buy other appliances-which is not very often! Before you shop around for a microwave oven, you should consider several questions that can help you make you decision. Here we list the most important tips for buying the best microwave oven.


1.  The first thing you should consider is the space you plan to place the microwave oven and the types.

There are three different type of microwave ovens, namely built-in, over-the-range and stand-alone. The built-in type is normally installed into the wall so that the door will flush with the wall surface; the over-the-range type can be attached to an existing range or put under a cabinet; the stand-alone type is the most common type, which can be placed on the countertop. You should decide which type is the most suitable for your kitchen design and available space.


2.  The next thing you should think about is the cost.

The cost can be divided into two parts: the cost for the microwave oven itself and the cost for installation. The cost of the microwave oven is closely related with its features and functions. Basically, the more functions usually comes with a higher price. How about the installation cost? This can be ignored for stand-alone type, and for the other two types you need to install proper venting, which raises the total cost.


3.  Figure out how powerful you require the microwave oven to be.

The power of a microwave oven typically ranges from 600 to 1400 watts. You should determine which wattage is sufficient for your daily needs. For example, if you need to cook a lot of food for a family with 4, you should choose a powerful one. Instead, if you just cook for one or two, turn to a less powerful model. If you usually cook according to recipes, you should know that when they refer to microwave oven, they mean those models with power of 800 watts or more to ensure evenly cooked foods.




4.  The size of the microwave oven matters.

If you want to cook more food at a time, then you should buy a bigger one. However, this often requires more space in your kitchen. Thus, you should have a plan about where to put and adjust it if you really deicide to get a bigger one.


5.  Cook, defrost and reheat are the three basic functions that every microwave oven should have.

Make sure you don’t get one that is lack of any one of the basic functions.


6.  The last but least thing is to consider extra features.

You may also consider some extra features included in some models. For instance, some new models provide a toasting element which crisps the top surface of the food. Other recommended features include but not limited to sensor cooking, program cooking and combination of microwave/convection ovens. The new features allow you to enjoy the experimenting and innovation and of course these come with a higher price. However, don’t pay for those fancy features you’ll never use, especially when you are a light user.