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6 Tips for Buying Ice Skates

6 Tips for Buying Ice Skates


Are you interested in learning ice skating? Then you should go for a good pair of ice skates, which will ensure you for a longer time. Since ice   skates are comparatively expensive, you must think about carefully before you buy them. Some tips are listed here for your reference.


1. Have a better understanding of the price

The price for the ice skates different from $150.00 to $2,000 dollars depending on their quality. If you want to buy, you should go to the sports specialists and hobbyist stores, or you could call the ice skates manufacturers, find the information from the internet. That will help you make the reasonable comparison and assessment.


2. Choose the right blades

The thickness and materials of the blades of the ice skates varies between the kid and the adult. Make sure you get the right blades for the better use of your ice skates.


3. Tight shoestrings are necessary

When you buy your ice skates, you must try the shoestrings intently to make sure they would be broken while being tying. The high-quality shoestrings could be washed for several times without being weakened.


4. The leather one is more desirable.

Compared with imitation leather, the ice skates made of real leather are better in function and protection. How to make sure it is real or imitation one needs your judgment. You could check it with the attendant at a specialist or try it by bending the ice skates to see if there is an indent shown. If not, that will be a good one.


5. Put your ice skates in a right place

After you get your first pair of ice skates, you should consider how to store them properly. You can not put them in a box at normal temperature. Instead you should keep them a cool and dry place, such as attic or hallway.


6. Buy socks together with your ice skates

If you want to wear your ice skates nicely, you should better buy some pairs of matching socks, which must be thick with patches around your toes. For ice skating, socks have be renewed at least once a week, because the moisture in your ice skates could make your socks worn quickly.





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