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6 Tips for Boosting the Cell Phone Signal for an iPhone

6 Tips for Boosting the Cell Phone Signal for an iPhone


The iPhone does not designed with an external antenna and its signal has been reported to be very weak at certain conditions according to some news with complaints. Although there is no such a thing like official signal booster, some third-party products can help achieve a better phone quality. Even if you are not suffering for the weak signal, you can benefit from a signal boost. A stronger signal can effectively ensure your important calls from co-workers or friends from being missed or dropped. To better help you booster the signal of your iPhone, we listed seven most important and useful tips.

1. Place a sticky booster to booster the signal.

A sticky signal booster is kind of a plastic strip with adhesive and metal strips on the side. Some of these boosters need to be stuck under the battery of your iPhone, while others are installed on the back but inside the casing. Both ways can enhance your signal strength. Also, they are cost effective. You need to pay attention to the metallic strip during using and your signal may be reduced again if that strip starts to wear.

2. A specially designed case for signal booster is a good choice.

In addition to use the strip signal booster for your iPhone, you can also match it up with a specially designed case, which may be plastic in material and can fits and protects the iPhone as well as amplifies the signal. The process of installation is very easy. You just need to unsnap the front of the case from the back, place the iPhone insisde and snap the case back together. Similar to just use the signal booster, this is also a cost effective solution without any other tools.

3. Charge your iPhone with a booster cradle to get the signal boosted in the same time.

With the charge cradle, you can boost the signal strength during the charging process. This type of cradle is designed for using in your car and it plugs into a 12-volt outlet or cigarette lighter. The installation of such cradles is little bit difficult and you should read the documentation carefully before proceed to take action. Although the cost is higher, the charge cradle can boost your signal in weak signal areas effectively.

4. Install a signal amplifier in your home or office.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can also use a signal amplifier in your home or office to boost the signal of your iPhone. Normally such devices have a wire or extra antenna that is taped to the inside of the window to collect the cell signal and rebroadcast it to your iPhone. This approach is only helpful when you set it up in a room where you spend plenty of times in during a day and seems meaningless if you just stay in it for several hours per day.

5. Pay attention to the positioning of the SIM card.

If the SIM card is not properly positioned, your call quality will be degraded. You can adjust the position of your SIM card in the slots at the top of the iPhone to see if your signal strength is improved. When removing the SIM card, use a straightened paper clip to open the card tray. Don’t forget to check if the SIM card tray is clean or with dust—a dirty card tray may also be the reason of dropped or missed calls.

6. A USB dongle is helpful to increase the signal strength.

Another way to boost the weak signal is to insert a USB gongle into the dongle connection with the iPhone. You don’t need to connect the other side of the dongle with your computer—it can simply hang from the bottom of the iPhone when you are talking on the phone.

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