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6 Ideas about How to Save Money at Disneyland

6 Ideas about How to Save Money at Disneyland

As one of the most popular and attractive them parks all over the world, Disneyland is also a place that you may have to throw a bill monthly to entertain your kids and family. The tickets, foods and souvenirs can all be costly if you don’t have proper strategy to save some bucks. You don’t need to donate every dollar to Mickey, and you just need some tips and ideas about how to save money at Disneyland.

1. Purchase hopper passes.

If you visit Disneyland on a regular basis, the hopper ticket is your best choice to save a fortune. The “Park Hopper” is a kind of bulk ticket that allow you to spend one to five days in between different parks. The more days you buy and stay, the more money you save. Normally, a five-day hopper pass means a saving of $40 per person for whopping. For a family of five, this is almost a free pass for a family member! In addition, if you live very close to the Disneyland and plan to stay in the park several times per year, you can consider the annual pass. If you could make full use of the annual pass, you’ll feel that it’s almost free weekly or monthly shows and attractions for your kids.

2. Eat before you enter the park.

Just like all other theme parks, the foods in the Disneyland can be very expensive—the average meal in the park includes a drink, a main item with a side, which cost you $15 or $20, and that’s just fast food! Therefore, if you want to save money, eat before you enter the park. For now, you can still pack you own snacks, but the policy may change in the future, so please read the policies before you pack your foods.

3. Bring everything you need.

Generally, the stuffs you need during the visiting in addition to foods are suntan lotion, baby wipes, ponchos, the digital cards for your camera, or any other things you can think of. If you forget to bring some of them with you, it’s OK and they are all available inside—however you have to pay a premium price. Instead of buying everything inside, you can bring everything and rent a locker for just several dollars to place the items. If your kids are still in stroller, bring you own since the strollers for rent are usually hard plastic and can cost your $10 a day.

4. Avoid staying in-site.

Stay offsite can save you more money. Although the properties are so gorgeous, you should know that you have a lot more choices than stay in-site. Within minutes of Disneyland, there should be literally hundreds of hotels available for you. During the off-season, when children are still in school, the price is as low as $49 per night.

5. Visit official website for offers and promotions.

Special offers and promotions are all shown on the official website of Visit the website frequently and you’ll find out the updated discount information. Usually, such updates occur before a new season, so keep an eye on such information.

6. Gather as many people as possible and carpool!

Carpool is another idea to save money that we highly recommend you to do. You can take a large car or van and bring as many people at one time as possible—but please make sure you have enough seats and safe belts!
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