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6 General Tips for Preparing the Job Interview

6 General Tips for Preparing the Job Interview

After you have sent out many application letters, finally you are offered the chance to be interviewed. How to impress those persons who are able to decide whether you are employed would be very important for the result of your interview. Here are a few tips you could learn in the preparation of your coming interview and get the job you are quite interested in.

  1. Dress properly for your interview. You should always remember to dress up in professional attire, no matter whether you are looking for an office job or a blue collar job. The first glance the interview takes on you would help him get some information about your life attitudes. For example, if your dress is casual for the interview, you may be not serious about the job.
  2. When you enter into the interviewing room, you should greet your interviewer by looking him in the eye. Your behavior should be confident and friendly with nice smiles.  Once you shake hands with your interviewer, it should be firm, showing off your confidence in some way. If you feel clammy and moist with your hands because of the stress, you may wipe your hands just you go to meet the interviewer.
  3. During the interview, you should show strong self-confidence, but cannot overdo it. If you overdo it like that, you interview would think you are too arrogant and aggressive. What you do is that you think you are the best of all candidates and do to your best ability. Confident but not arrogant is the best guideline you should follow for your interview.
  4. Before you meet you interview, you had better bring a copy of your resume with you. During the interview, your interviewer sometimes would mention about something you have written on your resume. If you fail to remember something, you could look at your resume quickly as kind of reference. With the copy of your resume, it would be helpful if you are requested to fill out some forms for application.
  5. Do some research on the company you are applying for.  Collect necessary information about the company as much as possible by visiting the company’s website or talking with its former and current employees, and getting anything you could find about it and then study them carefully. With all these information, you would be ready for answering the questions about the company and do it in a relaxing way.
  6. Before you go to the interview, you should spend some time on practicing how to answering questions possibly raised in the interview. You may find one of those relative books in this field and read necessary techniques and skills in answering common questions to prepare your answers to the questions. As for any question you answer, you should demonstrate clearly if you are hired, what you do could benefit the company in the future.
  7. If you are offered the opportunity to ask questions, do remember not to ask the question like this, “How about my salary if I am given the job?” which would impress the interviewer you care more about the money than the job. It is better to ask some questions closely linked with the future development of the company and suggestions for the company’s management and operation.
  8. As soon as the interview ends, you should shake hands with the interviewer in a confident and smiling way and then leave. When you get home, you had better write and send a short thank you note either by e-mail or by mail the same day you have the interview. You should be aware that the courtesy still works in some occasions even in today’s competitive society.

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