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6 Fast Ways to Save Money at Home

6 Fast Ways to Save Money at Home

Household expenses are a big part of your monthly bills and it is also a good place to start to save some money. It requires little money up front to start with and little changes can finally add up to huge difference. Here are six fast ways to save money at home.

1. Limit the temperature of water heaters.

If you lower the temperature of 10 degrees, you should find you have saved 3 to 5 % energy costs. Some default settings from manufactures may be at 140, but you are recommended to set it at about 120 ºF. When you do the same setting to the dishwasher, please make sure it has a booster heater before lower the temperature to ensure to get the good results. Additionally, with the temperature set at 120ºF, you also limit the occurrence of mineral buildup and corrosion in heaters and pipes. If you are going out for vacation, you should keep the setting to a vacation mode or at very low temperature to save more money.

2. Insulate areas in your home.

You can get a tube of expanding insulation foam and seal the cracks and leaks that you find in your house structure. If not fixed properly, such cracks and leaks can result in wasted energy, and also wasted money! Pay more attention to the basement or crawlspace and good areas to look into include utility lines, drainage pipes, structural beams and windows. The expanding insulation can also be applied between electrical boxes and switch boxes as well as the exterior walls. Please keep in mind, before you do any changes, you should make sure to flip the breaker switch of every outlet for safe operations.

3. Brush pets frequently.

If you keep pets inside the house, the pets should be brushed frequently. When you brush the pets, their loose fur can come out onto the brush, leading to a cleaner house. Brush the pets on a regular basis so that you can stretch visits to the groomer and hence save your money.

4. Print and use coupons.

Try to be a coupon shopper and use coupons as much as you can. You can visit and print the ones for grocery shopping and save money fast.

5. Think about not watering the lawn.

You can consider stop watering the lawn this year. When you do this, the grass will go dormant and you save the cost on water and you don’t have to mow the grass often.

6. Switch off incandescent lights when possible.

Turn off the lights that are not in use when possible and you will save money by using less energy. Also, energy saving light bulbs is good direction to look into but please keep in mind, if you are going to leave the room for more than 15 minutes, you should switch the light off.

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