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6 Extreme Ideas to Save Money

6 Extreme Ideas to Save Money

When we hear the story of celebrity bankrupt, sometimes we may not understand how it could be possible that those wealthy people can experience financial crisis. As a matter of fact, the problems come from the demand to maintain certain lifestyles. Although celebrities are far wealthier than us and they have more places to trim, almost everyone can find out his own ways to control the budget. Small changes like cutting out morning coffee or weekly trips all help generate big savings in long term. Here are some extreme tips for you to save more money.

1. Downgrade the amenities.

Some stuffs or services are unnecessary in your life and you can save money if you successfully find out such amenities and make some changes. Cable television package, magazine subscription and cell phone plan are all good places to look at. The amenities can cost up to hundreds of dollars each month and please take a while to think about how much channels you really need, how many minutes you usually use in the phone plan and can you get some free materials to read online or from public library. If possible, trim your spending from some of the abovementioned places and start to save some from today.

2. Unplug appliances when not in use.

This is a common sense related with saving money, but actually very few people really take actions. According to the Jeffrey and Kelly, the authors of “You Can Prevent Global Warming (and Save Money!)”, an average American family waste $40 dollars per year on the plugged-in but not-in-use appliances. Although it seems not a significant amount of money, but small changes add up to a huge one. The action of unplugging appliance is probably the least time-consuming activities that you may take to save money.

3. Save on gasoline.

If a couple is using two vehicles in the same time and seeking a way to save cost on transportation, the best solution is to carpool to work and make reasonable schedule to just use one car. If you only have one car, then you should reduce the excess weight of the car, watch your acceleration/deceleration habits and use more cruise control, suggested by If you can follow these tips, you might be able to save at least 17 cents per gallon.

4. Take advantage of public transportation.

Another good way to save on transportation is to look into public transportation. The monthly bus card may seem to be costly, but you can still cut the cost by just investing a little up front. To avoid the car repair and maintenance, opt for bus or subway. Additionally, when travelling with public transportation, you also get extra time to enjoy other activities like reading newspaper or watch videos through your smart phone.

5. Downsize the house.

Although we are talking about some extreme tips on saving money, selling the house to save seems to be crazy. But what you can do to downsize your home is to look for a roommate or two to share the costs for utilities. Or, you can rent and move to somewhere cheaper than your current residence to save substantially hundreds of dollars each month. Chances are that you might have to forgo some amenities such as a tennis court down the road, but you may also be able to discover greater facilities in your new neighborhood.

6. Sell or donate unused items.

The author of “All My Life for Sale”, John D. Freyer, takes the process of saving money to an extreme that he almost sells every of his belonging on eBay, including his sideburns or half-used mouthwash. Though it may sound crazy to sell everything, you likely to have a number of unused items like a treadmill, juicer, old bridesmaid dress, etc and just give them the second life. You can either choose to sell them on a garage sale at your old neighborhood, sell the stuffs to consignment shop or online auction, just give them away to the old neighbors, or donate them to charity for tax write-off.

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