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5 Top Tips for College Students Taking Final Examination

5 Top Tips for College Students Taking Final Examination

After you have been preparing for so long, now it is time for you to take the examination. As you want to have a satisfactory score based on your hard work and diligent preparation, you should know something basic and important related to such purpose. Here we offer a few tips, which might be helpful in scoring the best in your final examination.


1. Eat something before the final exam.

Like a car without fuel, it can not run well. Your brain would work to its extreme only if it is fed by adequate nutrition. If you go to a final examination without any food, your empty stomach would cause you distracted and distressed. So feed yourself with proper food night before and the day you take the exam, which would enable you to be in the good spirit.


2. Go to the classroom earlier before the exam.

On the day when you take your final examination, you had better go to classroom earlier than usual. You could take the time to talk with your classmates to exchange your understandings of what the hardest/most important questions could be in the final. Even if you think you are ready for the exam, you may miss something during your preparation. The reminders from other students may be much useful.


3. Have a well-planned approach towards the final examination.

As you know the final exams may take three hours or more to complete and they are the very important part for your subject grade, you should have a well-planned approach to do the exam. Firstly, spare a few moments to look through the exam papers, knowing how to divide your time for different sections. Do the easiest, then move on to the difficult, which would help build your confidence. At last leave some time for the final check-up. So you would be fully attentive in your final examination.

4. Do concentrate your mind.

As the final exam is usually long and tedious, you may lose your patience in it. However you must concentrate your mind on what you are doing. And between the test sections, you should give yourself a short break so as to stay focused, such as having a tart candy or chewing a minty gum to cheer you up again.


5. Check your work over and over again.

After a long exam time, you may be feeling tired and want to finish your paper quickly. However, the time just before the end of the exam is the most important for your final scores. At this moment, you should need to have at least 10 minutes to review your work. And go through all your answers to the questions and make sure you haven completed the multiple-choice sections and your essay has written nicely and legibly. This final and careful check would give you the chance to review all you have done for the best possible score.

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