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5 Tips to Save Money and Stretch Your Budget

5 Tips to Save Money and Stretch Your Budget

If you are on a tight budget with credit card debt, or living a life from paychecks to paychecks but can’t save any money, you should seriously consider to learn how to save money and stretch your budget. Small changes add up to a huge one in long term, so start to change your spending habits with the tips we provide right now!

1. Save on utility bills.

Utility bill is a large part of your monthly bills. To save on utility bills, you can turn down the digital thermostat a few degrees in winter and put on extra layers to keep warm. During night, you can turn it down completely and add more layers of blankets. Other ways to save on utility include setting your air conditioning system several degrees warmer in summer time and watering your yard and lawn by hose but not the automated sprinkler.

2. Cut the entertainment costs wisely.

Saving money does not equal to live a boring life. You just need to consider cut some of the entertainment cost in purchasing DVDs or watching movies in theaters. Instead, sign up for a public library to enjoy the access to books, magazines and movies. You can also cancel the cable TV service, instead, opt in an unlimited video stream or rental service. Another way to save is to watch episodes of your favorite TV shows on the network websites after they’ve been air. For special occasions, such as birthday or anniversaries, you can still have your normal entertainment activities and don’t save money on your most important people.

3. Shop clothes on sales.

If you buy clothes every season, the total cost is considerably high. Instead, you can buy one or two versatile items and use it to match your old clothes to get new styles. Go to end-of-season sales or clearance is another good way to save on clothes. In addition, if you are an addict to a specific store, you can consider to sign up for the store credit card so that you will be able to get discounts, coupons and rewards time after time.

4. Cook your own meals.

Meals prepared at home are substantially cheaper than the well cooked food in markets or restaurants. To save on food expenses, you should eat at home frequently and pack you own food for lunch at work. When shopping in grocery stores, clip and use the store coupons and make a shopping list focusing on the items on the weekly ads to save a bunch. If you want to buy shelf-stable items such as pasta sauce, crackers, soups, cereals or canned foods, you should buy in bulk or when they are on a sale. When you are buying fruit and vegetables, just buy the in-season ones.

5. Take exercise at home.

Instead of signing up for expensive gym membership, invest in some home exercise equipment. If you are a fan of Pilates and yoga, purchase some DVDs to learn and exercise at home—it saves you both the money to register for a class and the time to travel to the gym. Running outdoors is another great way to exercise freely.

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