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5 Tips to Pinch Pennies and Save Money

5 Tips to Pinch Pennies and Save Money

Saving money is a difficult task, if you are not implementing the correct strategies. Here we offer you some money saving tips and tricks to help you reduce the monthly expenditures so that you will have more money left to save into your saving account at the end of each month.

1. Renegotiate and downsize your rent.

Experts suggest it is the time to renegotiate with your landlord concerning to downsize your monthly rent payment. You need to do some homework first and find out if there are other apartments similar to yours in local area. You can request for lower rent if you find a similar apartment for less rent. In addition, try to pay your rent check earlier may be helpful in saving money because many landlords or management companies can slash the rent if you pay earlier than the due date. Also, participating in lease reference program is good choice that when you refer a family member or friend to the building, your landlord may be able to reduce your rent.

2. Take advantage of referral programs.

You can also take advantage of referral programs in other places such as salon or spa services. Some salons offer free or discounted service if you can successfully refer the service to your friends. Inquire about the normal price and ask if there are discount when you bring your friends along. Try it out and sometimes you can receive two spa treatments for just the price of one.

3. Book airline tickets on Tuesday.

When you are planning to travel by airline, you should buy airfare tickets wisely. The best time to get the best deal is on Tuesday morning, when tickets are much cheaper because new weekly prices just come out on each Monday and all the competitors are offering the most competitive prices the next day. Thus, try to book the airline tickets on Tuesday and save a fortune.

4. Cut the expenses in restaurants.

When you are dining in restaurants, you can try to order appetizer sized portions instead of full sized meals, which can shave money off the bill as well as your waistline. To save even more, you can visit online sources like and print out coupons and save up to 80 % for the next meal in restaurants.

5. Make coffee at home.

A morning coffee from gourmet coffee shops can cost you several dollars, how about a cup of coffee every day? To save the money of coffee, you should make you own coffee at home and the money saved can be used for your end-of-year vacation or add to your monthly bottom line.

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