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5 Tips for the First-Time Job Seeker in Interview


As a first-time job seeker, the process of interview could be either daunting or exciting and daunting, which depends on how well you are prepared. Even if you have got all qualifications necessary for the position, sometimes your inability to manage the interview well could lead to your unsuccessful result.  Before you are going into the first interview, you need to learn about a few techniques for better improvement of your skills.

1. Do a complete research.

As suggested by the experts on job interview techniques and skills, it is quite necessary to be engaged in a complete research on the company you are applying for, which would certainly help you deal with the interview process smoothly. You could either visit the website of such company or collect information from local media to get as much as you could in terms of the company’s present situation and future development. With all these details, you would feel relaxed during the interview and showing your interest in working for the company is sincere.

2. Present a good first impression.

As for everyone in an interview, the first impression really matters, without making a good first impression; it would destroy the process of interview, especially for those first time job seekers. You should dress up professionally and behave in a proper and good manner. As the newcomer getting to the job industry, you need to show that your dress is appropriate for an interview, for because some companies would give chance to any interviewer on the spot when your application is submitted. Getting ready for the interview always help present a positive first impression.

3. Practice makes perfect.

As this is your first time to have a job interview, you are not quite experienced in a real interview situation; you may feel uneasy and distressed. However, there is an old saying: Practice makes perfect, so you could take time in doing practices before the interview. You could practice a “mock interview” with your friend or family members, asking them to put forward some commonly asked questions and then you try your best to give your answers. After several rounds of rehearsals, you would make the interviewer believe you are not the first-time job seeker.

4. Illustrate your previous experiences.

As the first time job seeker, you may not have many things written in your resume, but it does not necessarily show you have not any work experience to talk about. You could mention any work you have done before, such as lawn mowing, babysitting, or any kind of volunteer work. It would show to your interviewer that even though you are newcomer for job hunting, you do present your dedication to your duties in your previous jobs.

5. Be Punctual for your interview.

When you go to your first interview, you should go there punctually and avoid the risk of being late, because no matter what reason you have for a late arrival, it would leave the impression on your prospective employer that you would do the same for your future work if you keep him waiting for you. On the other hand, you should try not to show up too earlier than appointment time, for it could put your interviewer in the position of feeling too rushed. The good rule of thumb is arriving 15 minutes early, which would the good start of your interview.

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