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5 Tips for Studying with an Effective Approach

5 Tips for Studying with an Effective Approach


As students, you must be much concerned about how to prepare your examinations for a higher score. It needs your hard work in the daily study, and it also depends on how effective your approach to learning. Here we offer you some tips, which might be useful in helping you achieve your goal as expected.

1. Repetition is necessary.

When you face the coming examinations, you should go over what you have learned, repeat the main points from your classroom notes, homework and weekly papers. That will help you know clearly what you have good command and what you need for more learning.

2. Play the role of the teacher.

To check your understanding of the certain subject, you should find someone to be your student, and try to explain the main idea of the subject. In the course of teaching, you will definitely be aware of your own mastery.

3. Use drawing as helping tool.

For certain kinds of subjects, you should resort to drawings, maps and diagrams to refreshing your memory of what you have learnt. With the help of these tools, it is good for your review of the subjects for the aim of understanding them better.

4. Give bonus to yourself for something learned.

Everyone should be encouraged for something he works. Just give reward yourself with some bonus when you have spent the time in study. For example, if you concentrate on your study for an hour, you would buy an ice cream. More bonuses would be rewarded for the new goal you have achieved.

5. Group study is a good option.

If you find individual preparation for exams is little bit dull and ineffective, why not join in the group study. The group study would help you share and exchange the main and difficult points of the subjects with your classmates, who sometimes, know them better than you do. Through this way, you should be well-prepared for the coming examination.



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