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5 Tips For Preparing for a Half Marathon Run

5 Tips For Preparing for a Half Marathon Run

Do you have a dream to run a marathon? Are you afraid of your capability of running a marathon even if you think you have a solid running foundation? Have you ever run 5k races?

If you would like to try a fun run, the following tips might be helpful in making arrangements for your training week schedules.

  • 1. Go for a few races to build up confidence and experience.

If you’ve never tried to go for a 5k race, 10k race, or a relayed race, you had better consider running the local races or fun run races if possible, because such races would help you get experienced and at the same time build up your confidence in running, and you would get to know about how races are arranged. Even though you have some experiences in fun run races before, you should try several shorter races as planned for your training program, but you should avoid making such races too close to your intended half marathon race.

  • 2. Make sure you are ready for running the half marathon.

If you think you used to run in high school and could easily cover the distance of the half marathon, it is totally wrong! Although this might happen to some runners, most people fail to run a race successfully, because they runs a half marathon without making their bodies ready. If you intend to run such a race, you should make sure that you have already completed training week schedules, which would be helpful in keeping your body moving and gaining endurance for your run.

  • 3. Increase your speed and distance as you keep up with your training program.

If you want to go for a half marathon, you should be comfortable in  running a good distance of 13.1 miles. As far as most runners are concerned, they would work out a training week schedule that ensures increasing distance as well as speed slowly . It is strongly suggested that you alternate your training weeks to speed or distance.

  • 4. Monitor your diet, apart from your exercise.

If you are planning to run the half marathon and later would go for a marathon, you should clearly aware that a nutritionally sound diet is vital for you to do so. Therefore, you had better have a well-balance diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, proteins, and hydration.

  • 5. Stretch & Hydrate.

Although these two things look quite fundamental, it is quite important to stretch your body so as to avoid injury if you want to run a marathon or half marathon. In the course of your training, hydration should be also well-considered. So you should ensure to increase your hydration on days that you run in order to replace hydration that was lost during your workouts.