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5 Tips for Getting Rid of Homesickness When Studying Overseas

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Homesickness When Studying Overseas

When you have the chance to study abroad, for the first months, you would be excited and curious about the totally new life you have never had before. However, after a longer period of time, you would be feeling lonely and homesick because of leaving away from your family and friends for the first time. Here we offer a few tips, which would be helpful for you to get rid of your homesickness for a much marvelous achievement while studying abroad.

1. Focus on your studies intently.

During your stay abroad, you should put your studies on top priority, which is the reason why you go there. If you do not focus all your efforts on your studies and you would be left behind, then you would be depressed, which would cause homesickness as a result. So make every effort in your studies, if not to be the best, at least to be the average student in your class.

2. Try to make new friends whenever possible.

To get rid of homesickness, you could explore every possible opportunity to establish a network of friends and colleagues. Such opportunity does exist –the dorm you share with your roommate, the party you go to, the sports club you are the member, the social get-together you participate. Just grasp the opportunity when you can talk to the people who you think are friendly and have common interests with you. Maybe such chance would let you make true friends, who would be helpful in your life abroad.

3. Go on with your personal interests as before.

Back in your home country, you must have your own interest or hobby you would like to be engaged apart from your studies. So continue to carry on such things, such as a kind of sport or leisure activity, which could keep you so busy that you have no time for homesickness.

4. New experiences would make you occupied.

When you are in a foreign country, where it would be quite different from yours in terms of weather, geography, sports and leisure, you must try your hands on the new things you have never done before. For example, if you come from the tropics, why not try skiing in your spare time. You could find a lot of things to do, which can offer you totally new experiences in your life. That would keep you occupied away from homesickness.

5. Keep regular contacts with your family and friends at home.

In order to reduce homesickness worrying you, you should keep regular contacts with your family and friends. There are several options in doing so, chatting over phone, sending SMS, exchanging e-mails and so on. If you could stay in touch with them all the time, it seems that they are just around you and you could communicate with them whenever you like.

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