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5 Tips for Finding a Suitable Babysitter

5 Tips for Finding a Suitable Babysitter


Are you busy with your daily work? Does your wife often go out for social functions in evening? Is your family in urgent need to find a suitable babysitter to help you look after your kid? If your answer is positive, please spare a few minutes to read the following tips, which should be helpful in choosing a babysitter you prefer.

1.Look at the references carefully.

Before you interview the candidates, you should look at their references carefully; their reference together with job performance in the previous employer’s family would help you decide whether she is the right person taking the job as babysitter. Or you could consider chatting with the family she had worked before to find more information about her duties and responsibilities, which should be similar for an easy job at your home.

2.Prepare the interview questions intently.

When it comes to the interview for the candidates, you should prepare your interview questions clearly and seriously. Apart from the normal questions, like availability, experience and age, you should get some special ones concerning your family situation. For example, if you want your babysitter drive your kind to and from the school, you may put forward the questions about driving car, such as how long she has driven

3.Know better what your kid need.

When you consider find a new babysitter, you should find some kind of special qualification she may own could go with your kid’s needs well. If your kid likes to swim regularly after school, the candidate should be a good swimmer to be your kid’s company and the lifeguard if necessary.  So to choose the candidate based on your kid’s demand and requirements would be the good option for your kid and the babysitter.

4.Give a kid/babysitter test.

When choosing the right one from the candidates, it is suggested that you should give the candidate the test to see how well she could interact with your kid. A qualified babysitter would be happy to take the test. During the test, you could carefully observe to find more information about her, like her teaching ability, your kid’ s likeness of her and her playfulness, all these would help you make a final decision for the right one.

5.Rely on your own instincts.

After your interview with your babysitter candidates, you may found that one of them; you think is the one with outstanding resume, nice reference and perfect answers to your interview questions, however in your mind, she has something missing in your vocabulary of babysitter You may be confused in her selection. But rely on your own instincts. If you have doubt of her ability, just leave her away, because your are looking for the babysitter for your kid, not the cook for your family. The former matters more than the latter. Your instincts would be certainly helps a lot, which is formed on your life experiences and values.



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