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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop


It is common that the bucks you pay for auto body shops can vary significantly from one another. For example, a job that is claimed to be done for $200 in an independent auto body shop may be charged for $500 in a large dealership store. Sometimes you can’t avoid the cost because the maintenance and repairing work are necessary; however, you could always save some of your money by following the tips we selected for you and choosing the right auto body shop to work with.


1.Look for recommendations.

Auto body shop can be advertised—just like all other business, but you don’t know if it’s really as good as the advertisement. If you have zero idea about which shop to do, a good solution is to ask your friends, family or acquaintances for their recommendations. That’s the business that they have already proved to be satisfied, so there is good chance that the shop also works for you.


2.Think about the location and overhead.

If the auto body shop locates in a busy street of a large city, then the money you’ll pay for their service is literally high. High-end body shops normally mean more professional service, but in the same time their cost rises due to the large amount of staffs. If you decide to go to a large body shop, you’ll not only pay for what you actually expected, but also the front desk guy and the customer service lady.


3.Get quotes from multiple shops.

The best way to save money on repairing and maintenance and avoid overcharge is to take you car to several auto body shops and request quotes. After you get estimates from different shops, you can compare them and easily tell which shop is the most economic one. If you really want to get your car taken care of in a local shop which has a little higher charge, you can ask them to match the estimate you get from other shops—they don’t want to lose you just for another 20 bucks. Again, don’t give you car to some midnight guy that promise can repair you car with one tens of normal price, unless you want to ruin it and pay for nothing.


4.Ask key questions as many as possible.

Before you decide which body shop to go, you should be smart and ask some key questions. For example, does the body shop offer a written warranty? If so, how long and what does the warranty cover? A one-year warranty is a must you should look for. In addition, you should also care about whether the shop carries fire and theft insurance and you want to be sure what will happen if your car is stolen or destroyed. Moreover, you can ask them how long have they been in business and do they have all the required licenses. Last but not least, you could ask questions about the materials they use for repairing, are the part new, used or aftermarket parts? The new parts are obvious good, however sometimes used or aftermarket parts can do the job depending on your car’s conditions.


5.Follow your instinct.

Finally, it is very important to listen to your heart and follow your instinct. When you enter a body shop and find few customers are there, it is possible that they provide low quality service. If you find their working station is dirty and disorganized, you may imagine what they’ll do with your car. Trust your gut and go for what you like to choose.





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