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5 Tips for Buying Your Suitable Jeans

5 Tips for Buying Your Suitable Jeans


When you want to buy your jeans, two things you should think about; one is to make you look nice, the other is to make you comfortable. Here are some tips for your reference in buying the suitable jeans meeting your requirement in those purposes.


1. Darker color will cover outstretching belly.

If you are little bit fat with outstretching belly, you should buy the darker colored jeans, which will keep you away from that defect. Or you could buy the medium to high rise one lower than your belly button.


2. No front pockets will show slimmer hips.

If you want to show your beautiful body with slim hips, you should buy the jeans without front pockets, with which you would definitely look like slimmer and trimmer in the eyes of other people.


3. Back pockets will decide your butt look bigger or smaller.

Everyone has his or her own taste in wearing jeans; some like to have their butt look bigger, others prefer to make their butt tend to be smaller. The decisive factor really matters in this regard is whether you wear jeans having back pockets with a design or embroidery.


4. Skinny type will do with shorter legs.

If you are worried about your short legs and want to avoid such defect, you had better choose the skinny and longer-sized type of jeans, which will make you look nicely especially you put on your high-heel shoes.


5. Wide leg type will handle the thick thighs.

When you want to wear jeans, you are much concerned about the thick thighs you have. How to make them look smaller than they really are, it is suggested that you should choose wide leg one. Other option goes for the straight leg type.





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