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5 Tips for Buying the Best Epilators for Hair Removal

5 Tips for Buying the Best Epilators for Hair Removal


Everyone loves beautiful women, and beautiful women need methods and tools to keep beauty. Epilator is such a device that can help women remove hair from the roots in a mechanical way. For the first-time buyer of epilators, there are several factors should be taken into considerations including speed, skin and shaver. Here are some useful tips for buying the best epilators for hair removal.


1. Multiple speed control is highly recommended.

The very first thing you should consider is the epilator you are going to buy should have multiple speeds and a control module. Hairs grown at different places are in various thicknesses, so it’s better that you can have a speed control to adjust speeds whenever needed. For example, if you’re dealing with delicate places on your body, turn the device to lower speed.


2. Protect your skin carefully!

The next thing you should think about is the epilator should be well protecting your skin. A built-in skin protector is a good feature to look at, especially if your skin is highly sensitive. By producing gentler tweezing, the skin protector can effectively prevent your skin from becoming irritated.


3. Look at the shaver design.

Not like normal shavers, epilators don’t remove hair in the same way. Products with built-in shaver are great for shaving delicate places, for example, the underarms area.


4. Power or portability?

Epilators can have different designs in terms of the power source. Models using primary or rechargeable batteries have better portability; however, they are less powerful than products that plug into a standard wall outlet. This is really a preference that depends on your personal opinion and please thinks about it for a while before you make your purchase. Besides, the rechargeable epilator should include its own cradle chargers and don’t forget to check it out.


5. Look at other useful accessories.

Last but not least, please consider look for useful accessories that come with the epilator. Some recommended accessories include cleaning brush, loofah pad, etc. A cleaning brush can help you remove hairs that stuck in between the tweezer discs, while the loofah pad is useful for rubbing on your skin and preventing ingrown hairs.





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