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5 Tips for Buying the Best Ceiling Fan for Your House

A ceiling fan.

If this is the first time you personally design the construction and fashion for you new house, you may find it is interesting while also challenging. Just like other things you can’t miss for your new house, a ceiling fan is also a requisite. However, you will find out soon that buying your first ceiling fan is kind of complicated and there are thousands to choose from. Today we list several most important tips and rules for buying the best ceiling fan for your house.


1.The first thing to do is determine what your usage is.

Generally you are going to use the ceiling fan to help circulate heat in winter or cool your house down in summer. If you are going to need both functions, then you are highly suggested to choose a ceiling fan that reverse from the control. With the reversible fans, you don’t need to climb high with a ladder and flip the switch on the motor.


2.You should decide whether you are going to use a ceiling fan indoor or outdoor.

If you need to put the ceiling fan in a patio, porch, lanai or screened-in area, then you should narrow your choice down to outdoor fans. These fans are specially designed to be exposed and used in wet and damp weather.


3.Think about which room you are planning to use the ceiling fan.

Before buying the ceiling fan, you should know which room you are going to use and what size of the room is. Since the air movement is not solely decided by the fan itself, the bigger ceiling fan it not always the best. Based on different rooms, you should select ceiling fans with different size and features. For example, if the fan is in the living room, it should be a large one. On the contrary, if it is in your master bedroom, its motor should be as quiet as possible which is necessary for the perfect and uninterrupted sleeping.


4.Install the fan at the best height and according to the slope of the ceiling.

For the installation of the ceiling fan, it is highly recommended to consult the expertise before installing. Also, you may have sloped or pitched ceiling and you need to figure out the degree of the angle prior to the installation. Normally, if the ceiling slope is greater than 30 degrees and up to 45 degrees, a sloped ceiling kit is needed. Besides, you should not install a hugger ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling.


5.The fashion of the fan matches your room or not is also a thing to look at.

If you want to choose the right fan that matches your room, you should look for fan motor that is matching other metallic hardware such as door knobs, cabinet pulls, handles or table lamps. Also, the fan blade should match the furniture, flooring or doors in the room.