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5 Tips for Buying Jade Jewelry

5 Tips for Buying Jade Jewelry


When you want to buy a piece of jade jewelry for investment or as souvenir, you must be well-prepared to have information about its material and quality. This is a very skillful job, but you can learn some basic principles in regard to buy the real one or favorite one. Here you are offered some tips for buying jade jewelry.


1. Have some investigating work before you buy.

As there are many kinds of jade, which are quite different in quality and price, you must be very clear about their features, especially an expensive one. So it is suggested that you should go around for more shops whether in your home country or foreign land for the comparison and assessment.


2. Give it up if it is too cheap.

You want to buy the jade, whose price you think worth your money. Sometimes, the jade seller offers the price below the market price, but claim it is pure and real. In this case, you should think twice before buying it to avoid being cheated.


3. Examine the jade carefully.

Since you are not the jade expert, you may be fooled by what you see at the first glance. Therefore, on one hand you need advice from the professional, on the other; you had better check it based on the common sense: the surface of good jade is smooth and you cannot leave your scratches on it.


4. Ask for a certificate

There is the internationally recognized rating for classification of jade in regard to its quality. Before you pay for your jade, you must ask for a certificate of authenticity from the jade seller. It will ensure you buy the real one and will help you refund your money if there is a disagreement arising about its authenticity.


5. Artificial jade isn’t necessarily bad.

Apart from real jade, there is some kind of artificial ones made of glass, plastic and all other sorts of minerals. Although they are not real one, they are not expensive actually. Sometimes, it is good option in buying it, if you think it is worthy the price you pay for; because you like it just for ordinary use or as normal souvenir.





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