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5 Tips for Buying a Suit

5 Tips for buying a suit

Do you need a suit for your work? Do you want to buy a suit for the special occasion? Please read the following tips that will helps you get a right one.

1. Buy the suitable one instead of the cheap one.

Before you buy your suit, you should have a considerate assessment of its quality. In addition to your style taste, you had better check about the fabric, buttons, shoulder pads and sleeves very carefully to see they are all nicely made.


2. Know the material well.

Suits are made of different material, such as wool, cashmere, linen, cotton and silk, which could meet your wearing requirements under various situation and different weather. But it is suggested that wool one is still the most popular with the fashion and practicability.


3. Have a better understanding of fineness.

There is the figure showing the fitness of your suit. It is called as “super number.” And it means the higher the figure, the better the suit. So you should choose the suit depending your taste and budget.


4. Try to feel the strength.

Before you buy you suit, you should try the strength of it by hand to see its quality. By squeezing the cloth, quick bouncing and no wrinkling will be the good one.


5. Do not be confused with a large variety.

In the suit shop, you could find a lot of different suits on sale, like plain weave, flannel, tweed or worsted. Which one you should buy is decided by your personal taste and the situation you are going to wear.






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