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5 Tips for Buying a Smartphone

5 Tips for Buying a Smartphone


Do you need a smartphone? To answer this question, ask yourself first to see if you can’t tolerate with your dinosaur calm-shell phone and not being connected with your friend when you are waiting at bus station or subway. If the answer is a yes, then you do need to buy a smartphone. There are various choices for smartphone due to the capitalism in recent years and which one should you pick up, Blackberry, Android or iPhone? You also have to choose a mobile carrier from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Based on your requirements for the smartphone, such as your lifestyle, consumption and personal preferences, there can be totally different choices. To help you make the decision a little bit easier, we outlined five most important tips for you to select the best smartphone.

1. Consider what your lifestyle and personal preference is and decide which type of smartphone to choose.

It sounds like very complicated but it’s actually pretty simple. There are generally two types of paths for you to select from: a curated eco-system such as Apple iPhone, Blackberry RIM, and a more open-minded approach, like Android, which allows any apps to be published and you can choose from a large variety of manufactures and devices. Consider your lifestyle and preference, and make a easy call about which path you’d like to choose.

2. How long is your phone lifetime attention span?

This question basically decides if you are going to stick with one product or easily change your mind and turn to another. If you are a loyalist, then go for iPhone! You will get less variety with iPhone, which roughly releases a new model in one or two years, but your benefit is that your IOS will be continued updated and problems will be fixed in a relatively long time span. However, if you are a smartphone ADD, Android or Blackberry will be your smart choice.

3. Are your friends using the same smartphone with you?

To be connected with your friends is one of the most important reasons to buy a smartphone. Hence, if you want to really being connected and share everything interesting with your friends, it’s highly recommended that you choose the same platform and mobile carrier with your friends or family members. There are two major reasons for doing this. First, usually you can get some deals like “friend to friend” calls within the same network. In addition, if you are a mobile gamer, and a fan of certain multi-player online game, then you should keep your device same with what your friends use, since some apps are not multi-platform. For example, if you are playing the popular Farmville, then you can’t harvest from your Android friends if you are using iPhone.

4. Think about the device and related network provider.

This question decides the device you are going to use. The service provider is a critical element of the smartphone operation. If you are a loyal iPhone user, then your only choice is Verizon or AT&T. Please make sure to check out if your area is covered by a network provider before you decide which device to choose.

5. Choose the device according to your needs for the apps.

When you are thinking about to choose a smartphone, this should be your top consideration—because you are using smartphone for the various and unlimited apps. Unfortunately there is no correct answer for which platform is the best on offering apps. Probably Apple is performing better than other platform in terms of app store. And we know that Nokia’s Ovi Store has more than 50,000 apps while the Android Market has over 200,000 apps. Sadly, we found HP’s Palm App Catalog only offers 4,000 apps running on the webOS. However, fewer apps doesn’t mean low quality programs and services, so still, you can decide the device and platform according to your needs for the specific apps.

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