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5 Tips for Applying for Scholarships to Study Overseas

Tips for Applying Scholarships for Oversea Study

If you are considering study abroad, you must look for more rich and rewarding experiences than studying in your home country. However, you have to face and handle the financial issue you would expect. In this case, you need to apply for and get scholarships to help you solve the problem to realize your dream. Here we offer a few tips, which would be useful and practical in this regard.

1. Go and ask your college for help.

When you are planning to study overseas for a semester, or a year, or even longer, you are not sure whether you are suitable for scholarships from your home college. So you should go to your home school’s financial aid office to get the necessary information about the funds which could be allocated to fund such study abroad programs.

2. Evaluate your study abroad program.

No matter in which way you would go abroad for study, either through your home college or through another one, you should contact the program sponsors to find out if there is any kind of scholarships fitting your needs. Some programs do allot the fund to help students solve their financial problem concerning studying abroad.

3. Approach the local organizations.

Every year, quite a number of the city organizations have certain fund allocated for scholarships to local college students. So go for such organizations to get more specific information. Another way to have the scholarship is to contact local organizations that have some links with your study abroad plans. For example, if you want to go to Italy to study art history, why not approach the local art society or the local Italian-American club to see there is any scholarships they may offer.

4. Find more on the Internet.

When you consider going abroad for study, apart from the local resources, you could do your search on the Internet. With necessary information, you should apply to as many colleges and universities as you could. Who knows the target college or university could offer the scholarship you are expecting.

5. Try your luck at the host school.

If you have decided to study in the college or university in a foreign country, you could contact the financial aid department at that college or university to find out whether it has the fund especially available for foreign students. Your study abroad adviser may assist you get the information you need.

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