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5 Tips for Accountants’ Resume

5 Tips for Accountants’ Resume

Accountants have responsibilities of recording, monitoring and reporting on all the aspects related to finances of the companies. Accounting specialists would play an important part in accounts payable/receivable, payroll accounting and internal auditing as well as others financial affairs. Since the job of accountant is highly skilled and competitive, you need to present your resume as much outstanding as possible among other applicants to secure the job you are applying for. Here are a few tips you could follow in pursuit of the job as accountant.

1. Focus on your relevant experience.

In your resume, you should list your previous jobs mainly related with accounting or other financial responsibilities. When talking of the job duties concerning your previous positions, you had better demonstrate their applicability to the duties of the present job applied. If you are the college graduate looking for the first job in finance, you should stay focused on your educational achievement in the area of accounting and list two or three your previous jobs with the professional references. As for unrelated positions, you should concentrate more on your strong points such as teamwork and self-motivation to draw the attention from your potential employer.

2. List your certifications.

At the beginning of your resume, you should list your certifications related with finance or accounting, because such professional certifications would be effective to make you stand out among applicants who would have similar education or experience. In addition, your certifications could also show the fact to your potential employers that instead of just looking for a job, you are intended to take the job of account as a career.

3. Pay attention to detail.

Like any resume, it is extremely important for attention to detail, because the job of accountant is closely linked with management of company finances or clients’ money. Even minor mistakes in accounting could lead to unhappy situation in which companies would lose money, customers and suppliers would displeased and financial audits would become complicated. Therefore, you should give special attention to some details such as spelling, grammar, line spacing, capitalization, punctuation as well as aesthetics of your resume. Only by doing this, could you prove that you are a competent accountant in handling small details by yourself.

4. Show your software competency.

At the bottom of your resume, you could give a brief introduction about how you are capable of using any software in regard to accounting. The good command of spreadsheet programs like Microsoft’s Excel is actually a necessity for an accounting job. If you could show that you are good at using some software such as Quickbooks and other professional business accounting packages, it would help you stand out among other applicants.

5. Detail your educational background.

It is vital to list your finance-related educational experience in your resume. If your degree is not related with accounting, you should mention any kinds of individual accounting or finance courses that you have taken in order to get your degree in accounting.

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