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5 Tips about How to Save Money on Diapers

5 Tips about How to Save Money on Diapers

Diaper is a big part of expenses for baby and generally, an average family spends more than $2,000 per year on diapers. And please keep in mind, that number is calculated based on only one child. The truth is, unless you stop using disposables and turn to cloth diapers, there is no way to get around spending a fortune on diapers. However, you can still save money on diapers and the easiest way is to use a cheaper brand. Since less expensive diapers may be less absorbent and have leak problem, which could result in diaper rash and blowouts, you should really consider other ways that can save money but not mess everything up. Here are five tips that may be helpful.

1. Purchase a large box of less expensive diapers.

The less expensive diapers are for use on a regular basis. You should be able to buy a box of more than 100 count disposable diapers in Target for about $15. If you can find discounts and deals, you can save more money. For this price, you are getting each diaper for around 7 cents.

2. Get a small box of same size from a name brand.

In addition to the large box of store brand, get a smaller box of the same size, but from a major brand like Huggies or Pampers. You can buy a large box instead, if your little one is just about to move to the next size. Of course, the Huggies or Pampers diapers are more costly, but you can cut the expense by using coupons.

3. Use the discount diapers in daytime.

Now you got a large box of cheaper diapers and a small box from brand, and you will use them in different occasions. The discount diapers are for using during daytime, when you can change the wet and soiled diaper for your baby frequently. Although the diapers are not as absorbent as the brand ones, there should be no big problems when you are changing them once for few hours.

4. Change to the name brand diaper during night.

The more expensive diapers are for night use, or for a long period that you will not be able to change it. The high quality of Huggies or Pampers diapers can guarantee less leakage or irritated bottom. By combing the less expensive and name brand diapers, you can save as much as $50 each month.

5. Don’t over-purchase.

Don’t buy too many diapers from the major brand because you might be stuck with the extra diapers when your baby is soon moving to the next size.
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