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5 Things to Think About Before Buying You First Juicer

You may know that juicing can help you absorb nutrients more efficiently, but there are several things you need to consider before you don’t even know what a juicer is or how does it work. Here are six most important things to think about before you buy your fist juicer.

1.  Vegetable juice and fruit juice work differently to your health.

If you think both vegetables and fruits are good to your health when they’re in juice state, then you might make a mistake. Actually, fruit juice may increase your risk of heart disease due to transform of fructose, which is the major sugar in fruit, into triglycerides in the liver and increase the insulin resistance, leading to greater chance of heart disease. While the intact fruit does not cause that problem since it has high fiber content and the concentration of fructose is lower than concentrated fruit juice. So if the main reason for buying a juicer is to be healthier, avoid juicing too much fruits.


2.  Vegetable juicing can’t take place of eating vegetables!

Some of you may think about getting rid of eating vegetables and only drink vegetable juice. This is absolutely wrong! Why? Juicing can provide the vitamins and minerals to you, yet, you won’t get any fibers that are very important to slow digestion and help you fell full.


3.  Juicing makes it more difficult for those who are trying to lose weight.

Although vegetable juice contains less fructose than fruit juice, it is still an amazingly effectively way to take in calories and you don’t want that happen when you are in a diet. If you want to lose weight, you are highly suggested that each day you only drinking less than 8 oz juice.


4.  Juicing is a process that transforms large quantities of vegetables and fruits into small amount of juice, so you need to do a lot of shopping.

If you drink juice on a daily basis, you should not only buy the vegetables for juicing, but also for you regular cooking needs.

5.  Juicing is a time and money consuming activity.

In the first place, juicers are not cheap, especially those with high power, large capacity and more functions. If cash is a issue for you, you should know that juicing is a luxury but not a necessity. Only buy a larger juicer when you need to make juice for a large group of people, because larger ones mean harder to work, clean and store. If there are only two of you, consider a smaller one as your first choice. Moreover, you should commit a little more time on juicing in addition to cash. It typically needs 10 to 15 minutes in each morning for making juice for two. Besides, the extra shopping on raw materials also kills some of your time.


Please enjoy juicing and juicing healthily!