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5 Things You Must Look at to Buy the Best Juicer

There are so many juicers all around and it is a difficult choice when considering which one to buy. As a matter of fact, there are several most important things you have to look at and these general guidelines can help you make the right decision. Here are the six most important things to look at for buying the best juicer.



1.It should be easy to operate and clean.

Since you are considering a kitchen appliance, it should be designed to be easy to operate. Also, if a juicer becomes messy after use, forget about it. If your body is used to juicing, you’re going to use it on a daily basis, so you won’t want to deal with a complicated and hard-to-clean machine every day.


2.Check the yield percentage and determine if you need the pulp-free juice.

Basically, juicers have different working mechanism, which leads to different yield rate. Some juicers eject the pulp outside the machine and this type has the yield percentage lower than those that remain pulp in the basket. Based on the yield and if you need pulp-free juice, choose the most suitable one.

3.  Look at the operating principle and choose the types that retain more nutrients.

This is also a working mechanism related issue. Generally, juicers can be divided into centrifugal juicer, masticating juicer, hydraulic press juicer, etc. Centrifugal juicer creates oxidation and degrades nutrients with the increase in juicing time. Masticating juicer is better because it utilizes a low speed module that produces high quality juice with less chance of oxidation. Hydraulic press juicer is also good, due to that fact that it produces little amount of oxidation.


4.  Make sure the juicer has a long warranty.

Typically, a high quality juicer is warranted from 1 year to 10 years. Less expensive ones are in very short warranties because they’re not designed for everyday use. Please check the availability of the blades and the motor, in case you’ll need to replace them but they are out of supply.


5.  One of the key parameter is the horsepower.

It is recommend to choose a juicer that has a powerful motor of 450 watts or greater. A powerful motor generates more heat that ensures itself not worn or stained by the oxidation.


Hope these guidelines are helpful for buying the best juicer for you. Thanks!