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5 Surprising Tips for Winter Skin Care

5 Surprising Tips for Winter Skin Care


You can easily find a lot of skin care regimen for winter from the Internet or other places, however, sometimes you may ignore many surprising skin care tips for winter in addition to wear the sunscreen and use more moisturizer. Here we selected five most important and often forgotten skin care tips for you to take advantage of in the dry and cold winter.

1. Try to avoid hot baths as possible.

The first tip is not to get hot baths too much in winter, which sounds contradictory to our common sense. Of course, as the weather gets colder and colder, we can’t deny that a hot bath can feel delicious in the middle of a cold winter night, while we also need to be aware that hot bath can be rough on our skin. After the hot bath, we feel warm and cozy, yet our skin is drying out and losing the essential moisture that helps to remain health in winter. So our advice is, if you do like to indulge in hot baths in winter, please follow it up with hydrating using a moisture-rich lotion or you can have some fresh fruit to supplement the moisture you just lost in the hot bath.

2. Wet gloves, socks and scarves may do harm to your skin.

It is also a common sense that in cold winter, people should wear gloves, socks and scarves all over and wrap yourself up. That is correct. But, when you gloves, socks and scarves are wet, it will be another case. When you are wearing wet gloves, socks and scarves that are pulled up over your neck or face, you are actually drying out and irritating your skin. The possible result could be redness, irritation or even peeling. Our recommendation is, before you wear your gear up, always check if they are dry enough and when you don’t need them, remove them immediately. Besides, when you remove the wet outwear, don’t forget to hydrate and repair the skin that may have gotten damaged underneath.

3. Think twice before you do facial peels.

In most complete skin care regimen, a facial peel is always an essential part. However, in winter, your skin may be more dry, red and sensitive. Under this condition, the aggressive chemical peels may lead to even more redness and irritation, which eventually results in less healthy skin. So the trick here is to find a more gentle peel or gentle topical exfoliators instead of a full chemical peel before you skin regains its seasonal health.

4. Change your moisturizer to oil-based.

It is known that oil-free moisturizers are ideal for acne-prone skin due to the fact that they won’t clog pores, while in the winter, many skin types can benefit from oil-based moisturizer. We know the skin is going to be much drier in the cold winter and needs not only a richer moisturizer but also the skin-improving oils. If you don’t want to clog your pores, it is important that you stop using oil-free moisturizer. One thing you should keep in mind is that for certain skin types, you should consider a richer moisturizer that contains an oil-base.

5. Be careful when you dress in layers!

Cold weather means we need to dress ourselves in layer and layer, but if your skin is acne prone, then that may be a bad idea. With layers of heavy clothes, oil and dirt may be trapped against your skin, body and back acne breakouts are very likely to happen. Hence, for acne-prone individuals, a back acne treatment solution should always be prepared in advance as a part of the skin care routine.

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