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5 Most Practical tips for Perfect Epilation

5 Most Practical tips for Perfect Epilation


Epilation is a good way for women to maintain perfect smooth skin. A good epilator could probably handle a good epilation; however, to achieve the best epilation results, you need some more useful tricks. Here we prepare six most practical tips for you to get the best epilation performance.

1. Take a shower or bath for the wet epilation.

Everybody’s skin will be more relaxed and less sensitive after being bathed in warm water and an epilator works in the gentlest way in your shower or bath. If you do the epilation work in the shower, you could use some shower gel for best performance. If you are going to epilate in the bath, don’t start to epilate immediately in the bath. Five minutes after you start the bath should be enough for your skin to relax. To get the optimal results, make sure your leg and epilator are completely submerged. It will be easy for you to do the epilation work since your hairs will lift them up in water.

2. Some useful tips for doing dry epilation.

First, you should make sure your skin is free of oil and fully dried. Use some tissues to clean your before epilation. Also, you can brush across the skin in the opposite direction of hair growing so that the short hairs can be lifted up and the epilator can better grip on the hairs.

3. You should run the epilation in an upward motion that against the direction of hair growth.

By doing this, you’ll get better epilation results and if needed, you can also change the direction of epilation to make sure smooth finish.

4. Pay attention to the redness after epilation and choose the right time.

Someone new to epilation may have good chance to find their skin shows some redness after finish the epilation. Don’t be over-reacted with these redness, but in order to keep you in perfect look, you should choose the epilation timing wisely. For example, if you are going for an important party tomorrow, then you should really do it tonight and don’t wait until tomorrow morning. A body cream or lotion can help a lot to soothe your skin and create a really sleek and smooth look and feel after epliation.

5. Use a massage sponge or a body peeling on a regular basis.

You can use a massage sponge regularly or body peeling, for example, each time after your shower, to help prevent the small hairs from growing.


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