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5 Money Saving Tips on Gas

5 Money Saving Tips on Gas

To drive the car to work or study would be much helpful in saving your time and shortening the distance, however the cost of driving the car is the main part of your monthly expenditure and that for gas is also your concern in regard to save money. Here you may follow those tips in your daily life to save your money on gas.

1. Change Your Oil Regularly.

It is strongly recommended that you should have your oil changed on the regular basis, which could save you a lot of money at the gas tank. The reason is that if you have your car change oil regularly, it would ensure the best possible efficiency of your car. If you fail to do this, you would make your car run harder, thus it has to use more gas accordingly. It is kindly advised by the professionals that you have to change the oil of your car at least once every 3 months, or you have driven your car for every 3,000 miles

2. Cut Down the Use of Air Conditioning.

You may have such experience that if you drive your car for some distances with air conditioning on, you have to use as twice as gas. So if you want to save money on gas, you should turn off the air conditioning on your car, or simply cut down the amount you use. Instead of turning on air conditioning, you could roll down the windows of your car, or put a bottle of cold water in the car so as keep down the temperature in your car against being overheated or getting dehydrated.

3. Give the Tires a Full Pump-Up.

Whether air pressure in the tires of your car is satisfactorily right would largely affect the efficiency of the gas your car uses. Therefore, if you want to save your money on gas, you should make sure that your car is working normally with desirable air pressure, if not, you should pump up tires or check out that whether the tires have worn away treads, which also cost the more gas used in your car.

4. Try to Bypass City Traffic.

As an experienced driver, you must be aware that you would use more gas from the stop-and-go in the town center than driving on a freeway or highway. So try to take freeway or highway as much as possible if you want to go somewhere. However if you are stuck with traffic jam on such routes, it is just as bad as driving on city roads.

5. Fix Your Driving Speed.

Many scientific researchers have approved that the optimal driving speed of your car is 55 mph, at which point the efficiency of your car runs to its best play. So whenever possible you should keep your driving speed at 55 mph, which would help you save some more money in this respect.

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