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5 Money Saving Tips on Food and Clothes Expenses

5 Money Saving Tips on Food and Clothes Expenses

You may think it is impossible to save money on the expenses for food and clothing, however, it is not. What you need to save on these expenses is just some creativity, resource and determination. The most important step is to decide what you want from your needs. Sometimes you see a shining outfits in a store, but you already have a lot of outfits laying down in your wardrobe for long, then you remind yourself not to bother wasting money on the new clothes.

1. One-stop shops are helpful for saving money.

One-stop shops, such as Wal-Mart and Target, are very helpful destinations for shopping where you can buy food and clothes at reasonable and affordable prices. There will also be weekly sales so that you could save even more. Before you go shopping, please prepThrift are a list of what you are going to buy and keep yourself away from tempting to get extra goods.

2. Buying clothes from thrift stores.

We all know the clothes in high-end stores are fantastic, as well as the prices. Since your aim is to save money, then you are recommended to purchase clothes in thrift stores, instead. The prices of many items will be cut dramatically when you can find good deals. But keep in mind to check the items for visible stains, holes or zippers and buttons before you make the purchase.

3. Go to clearance sales of clothes.

To buy cheaper clothes, you can consider to go to clearance sales. Often, such clearances occur when seasons change and the store needs to prepare for the new season inventory. Also, when a store is closing up for a while, you may also get the chance to get discounted items. One thing to keep in mind is to ask salesman about the return and refund policy.

4. Using coupons as much as possible.

A lot of supermarkets and drugstores accept coupons right now but it is always safe to ask before you apply them. Each time you may only be able to use $2 off or 1 $ off, but time by time the small money adds up to dollars.

5. Do bulk purchase in grocery stores.

This is a good way to save—buying in bulk. If you are buying canned goods and economical meats like ground beef, chick or pork chops, buying large amount of them equals cheaper unit price. Also, you won’t have to go to grocery store very frequently.

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