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5 Homemade Skin Care Tips to Combat Winter

Skin Care Tips to Combat Winter

As cold weather and winter holiday are both approaching, your wallet may be at its skinniest, while you may also find your skin is just at its driest. Fortunately, we are going to share our simple, fast, environmental-friendly and most effective tricks and tips with you, so you can fix both of those problems at your comfort and convenience.

1. Try oil cleansing if you are extra-dry winter skin.

If your skin type is extra-dry winter skin, then the easiest and cheapest way to deal with it is to try oil cleansing. You will need a light and nicely scented oil like sweet almond oil or whatever other kind of scent you prefer and a clean washcloth to massage your dry skin with oil and remove your makeup. After that, apply a warm washcloth onto the skin to facilitate dissolving of the oil before you wipe the face clean. By doing this, you can effectively protect your skin from any harsh cleansers, as well as preventing your skin from losing natural oils. The result is the softest skin, which you could imagine.

2. Add sweet almond oil to warm bath water.

Through the applying of almond oil into warm water, you are able to mimic the effects of moisturizing like the traditional oil bath additives.

3. A natural face mask is a good assistant.

If your skin type is tightening aging skin, you could try out an eggewhite whipped mask. But keep in mind to avoid applying them too close to your eyes. Whisk some plain yogurt or honey together and apply them to the skin, you can easily achieve moisturizing and toning. You should keep the masks there between five to ten minutes before you remove them, so that the benefits will be the optimal.

4. Sugar scrub is such a good thing.

Another helpful tip is to slough off scaly, dry winter skin by using a natural or homemade sugar scrub. Pick up white and brown sugar with equal mass, and then add olive or almond oil and any other natural scent as you wish, thoroughly combine them before use. Massage your skin with the abovementioned sugar scrub for a few minutes before you rinse your skin with warm water. In order to obtain baby soft skin, you should apply lotion or oil after the rinsing work.

5. Natural compress is useful for puffy eyes.

Puffy eyes are usually caused by lack of sleep or heavy holiday eating and drinking. To minimize this undesirable effect, you can try a natural compress to reduce the puffiness. First, you can prepare tea bags that have already been fully steeped and cooled. Then, you can apply the as-prepared tea bags onto your skin and maintain for 10 to 20 minutes. By doing this, the natural tannins in the tea can help reduce the puffiness in your skin. When you compare this method with an expensive eye cream, you’ll surprisingly find it’s just as effective as the latter.


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