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5 General Flirting Tips

5 General Flirting Tips

Flirtation could be regarded as kind of youthful, energetic and exciting means to give some hint at romantic affairs or start with a new one officially. If you handle the flirting well, you could use it as a good chance to form the new friendship or relationship with somebody in whom you are interested, or just find some fun in your life. Here we offer a few useful tips for you to follow if you want to really enjoy the excitement of such flirting brings out.

1. Maintain the strong eye contact.

It is well-known that during the flirting, the memorable and strong eye contact should be the subtle form in its pursuit. As for eye contact, you should avoid staring at somebody, for staring sometimes could be seen as creepy. It is kindly suggested that you should maintain a steady gaze into her eyes for a few seconds and then look away. By doing so, remember that you should do it in a natural and gentle way. It is universally understood that the good eye contact could easily demonstrate your self-confidence as well as attraction, thus it could be seen as stepping stone for further flirting interaction.

2. Keep the nice smiles.

You should know that flirting is not necessarily dramatic and intense as you think at the very beginning. In order to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you had better try to keep an open and warm smile, which could be helpful in both conveying your interest in another, but also indicating that you are enjoying the situation.

3. Ask some questions.

You could ask some questions about your flirting object to show your interests in her that is seen as casual and meaningful means in such flirtation. However you should avoid overdoing it, not asking too private questions about her family, work or salary. Just make your effort to lead the conversation towards the direction, in which she is also interested.

4. Have a proper posture.

As for a successful flirting, body language a very crucial part in it. And strong posture could be one of the basic elements of successful flirting. During the flirting, the slouching is the last thing you should do, because slouching would send some kind of wrong message that you have no interests in the conversation, and at the same time, slouching could make you look worse. So you should try your best to ensure that you always have your back kept in a straight position.

5. Try to be positive.

If you want to have a smooth flirting, you had better create some atmosphere of positivity in the conversation, because negativity could be taken as a big turnoff in flirtation. Therefore, you should avoid discussing the things that you do not like and try to lead the conversation to the topics you are interested in. By doing so, you could find more common languages to share between you and your flirting object, such as recent television series, or favorite basketball team.

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