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4 Tips on Buying the Perfect Mixer

Food mixer becomes more and more popular in today’s kitchen. To buy a perfect mixer you should decide what type of mixer first. This basically depends on what type of food you are going to process. Power, capacity and other features should also be taken into consideration before you buy. We have four tips here to help you buy a perfect mixer, which can make your cooking and baking much easier and more enjoyable.

1.Decide the type of mixer first.

To decide which type of mixer to buy, firstly you should think about the food your normally cook. If you mostly do mixing task and barely baking, a handheld mixer is enough for you to beat eggs, mix flour, sugar and other dry ingredients and whip pancake batter until smooth. A handheld mixer normally has 5 to 10 speeds and its price is also lower (normally around $200). However, if you often make cookies, cakes and bread, a stand mixer is a better choice due to its stability and capability of preparing thick doughs and batters. A stand mixer is larger and heavier, makes it not easy to move around. Also, the functions of a stand mixer are more sophisticated, with a higher price than handheld ones. from slow mixing to fast beating attachments, including blender tools, whisks and drink rods for creating cocktails. On the other hand,


2.The power of mixer is important.

Basically the power of mixer motor determines the ability of how fast and how strong it can mix. Typical handheld mixers are in the range of 200 to 250 watts of power, while stand mixers are above 300 watts. The higher the power, the more powerful the mixer. With a mixer of larger power, you don’t need to worry about wear it down with heavy duty use.


 3.Capacity does matter.

This is another important aspect, especially for families which have more members. If you plan to hold a party in your house and there are 10 mouths to feed, you don’t want to prepare foods with a mixer of small capacity. So think about how much you’ll have to make and decide to buy a small one a large one.


 4.Look for versatile accessories and optional attachments.

After decide the type, power and capacity, it’s the414EY9D9ZCL._SY450_-274x300 time to look at other features and accessories. Most of mixers provide you useful attachments and tools that can make your cooking and baking more simple.For example, a famous stand mixer brand, Kitchen Aid, provides you optional attachments including citrus juicers, ice cream makers, sausage grinders, pasta extruders and a lot more. Please take some time to find suitable attachments for your daily cooking.


Happy cooking and baking! Cheers with your perfect mixer!