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4 Tips for Peer Interview

4 Tips for Peer Interview

The peer interview is necessary for you to have the chance to know about the dynamic of your co-workers in the company you are applying for. If you are well-prepared, you would put yourself in the better place than other candidates. In such case, you could show what you have accomplished in your previous jobs and what qualification and skills you have by answering questions in more confident and concise way. Here are some points you should take into account for your peer interview.

1. Keep the eye contact.

During the peer interview, you should always maintain eye contact with the guy who is doing the peer interview. The importance of eye contact is for establishment mutual trust between speaker and listener. Eye contact could help show that you are very active in responses to what others are talking. If you have the habit of looking down or to the side in order to help you think carefully, you could do it, but you should quickly to look to the peer interviewer when you answer the questions raised by him.

2. Practice the your skills of interview.

We often say that practice makes perfect. As for peer interviewing, it also need some practice beforehand. You could do it you’re your friends or family members. It would be better that you know some person who is now working at a similar company, you could ask him to play the part of the peer interviewer, by such practice, you would be aware about your weaknesses and strengths and try to keep the interview on the right track you hope. In addition, through the “mock” interview, you could also learn to build up your confidence to face with the more difficult interviews.

3. Get ready with your talking points.

Before your peer interview, you should take some time to prepare your main talking points you would probably have. They should include your qualifications, your achievements and the personal background about yourself. You should use simple and concise words to answer questions of interviewer, even the question of “Tell me a little about yourself,” you need to organize your thoughts and try to make your answer more informative and well-constructed with the highlights from your professional life and educational background. It is strongly suggested that during the peer interview, you should try your every effort to avoid answering questions in the robotic-sounding tones.

4. Maintain professionalism whenever possible.

Usually the atmosphere of relaxation in a peer interview may sometimes be much confusing to an interviewee who would often make some gaffes or give unprofessional answers without intent. So try to always maintain the professionalism during your peer interview and focus on your main achievements in your work performances. However, you should also remember to steer away from showing too much of your competitive side of your professional life. Sometimes, competitiveness before you get the job could arouse negative reactions from your peers.

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