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4 Tips for Getting Baby Formula Freely

Tips for Getting Baby Formula Freely

Although breast-feeding is strongly suggested by doctors, baby formula is sometimes is needed as well. If you want t to get free baby formula, please read following tips.


1. Try to get free samples on line.

Some of producers of baby formula offer their sample on line free of charge and hope that you will buy their product after trying sample. So have a regular look at their websites and get their free samples.


2. Have your name registered with baby formula companies.

In addition to free sample from Internet, another way to get it is to register your name on the costumer list of the baby formula companies and you will get their samples and coupons they send to you.


3. Get help for free sample from local hospital

Sometimes take a visit to local hospital to find if some free baby formula is available at hand or ask for your doctor who may tell you where you could get free baby formula for your baby either from producer or from Internet.


4. Buy baby formula together with coupons

Regularly check local newspapers and magazines to find coupons for free baby formula. Sometimes if you buy some formula with these coupons, you will get good price or even free baby formula.





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