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4 Skin Care Tips for Ski Season

4 Skin Care Tips for Ski Season

For some people, staying at home and enjoying warm and delicious beverage is the best choice during ski season, while for others, mountain-based sports may be a great way to get outside for fresh air, Vitamin D and physical activities. Skiing is one such great activity that can ideally improve overall health and reduce stress, however you can’t overlook its side effects on your skin—if you don’t have appropriate skin care. Here we prepare five most important tips for skin care in ski season. We hope they are helpful for you to hit the slopes and keep healthy skin!

1. Block the sun!

This first tip is don’t forget to block the sun. Although our body can crave the vitamin D from the sun in ski season, the UV rays can result in permanent damage to our skin if over-exposed. Dark spots and age spots can be formed on damaged skin, as well as wrinkles and even skin diseases. To prevent skin damage, you need to wear proper protective clothing and hats. A complete sunscreen is also highly recommended to any exposed area of your skin. Moisturizers with SPF and PA protection are effective, but you can’t just rely on them. When you plan to stay on the slopes for the whole day, you’d better get some products that are water resistant and with a higher protective factor. Please remember, when you are on the slopes, you are more likely to get double sun exposure from the direct rays from the sun and also the reflected rays coming from the snow.

2. Take good care of your eyes.

Eye care is one of the essentials in skin care. The skin around eyes are most sensitive skin on our face, however it is often the least protected. Most sunscreens suggest you not to apply them close to your eyes but actually the skin near your eyes is thinner and hard to get moisturized itself, hence the damage results from sun exposure will be more severe. To protect skin around your eyes, wear sunglasses or goggles that can shield UV protective rays. By doing this, not only the UV damage around the eyes is reduced, so does the squinting (which can exacerbate the development of wrinkles). Since you may need to take off your sunglasses, apply eye cream that contains an SPF and PA protection factor so that your skin will still be protected when the glasses are off.

3. Keep yourself hydrated!

Hydrated skin seems healthy and beautiful. Proper hydration comes from the inside of your body. Make sure you have adequate fruits and vegetables before you go out for skiing or boarding. Your body can absorb the cellular structure of water in vegetables and fruits much more easily and also such water can be retained in your body for longer time. Appropriate hydration is important for your skin health, but also important to the health of your body and your capability of enjoying the day of outdoor activities. So have more water and keep yourself constantly hydrated!

4. Undo environmental damage by cleansing and moisturizing gently.

After your whole day on the slopes, the first thing you may want to is a nice hot toddy, but don’t forget your priority is to combat the environmental damage to your skin from the UV rays, air pollution and dry air. You probably need a gentle skin cleanser to remove the surface dirt, oil and residue from your skin. An antioxidant-rich moisturizer should be applied following the cleansing to allow your skin to combat free radicals from the environmental damage.

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