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4 Money Saving Tips for Moving

4 Money Saving Tips for Moving

Relocating is already a very stressful process by itself, not to mention when it is coupled with the overwhelming financial effort. Generally speaking, moving around central places costs an average of $7,000 to $8,000 based on various factors. However, it does not mean moving has to be too costly, and what you need is just some tips and tricks to save your budget. Here comes four handful tips.

1. Compare prices and shop around.

This tip is almost true for any shopping you are about to do. The first step of saving money is always doing your homework and ask around for the prices. If you decide to employ a professional moving company, you will not want to just call the first several numbers you have in the phone book. Instead, call as much as you can to make sure getting reliable service as well as best prices. If you are on a budget, tell the financial limits you have to companies you are calling, in most times they want to keep you in business and may be able to work with you.

2. Choose the right time to move.

Choosing a wrong time to move can cost you more money. If you can’t decide when to move, then it’s another story while if you are on a flexible schedule, then simply avoid the summer time from June to August—these are bad moving times because people have increasing demand of moving and prices will also increase. Again, if you can’t control the season to move, at least you can choose to avoid the beginning and end of a month, when the apartment leases are ending or prices are bringing up. Moving in middle of a week can also be considered as a substantial discount instead of weekends.

3. Don’t take everything with you.

It is highly understandable that you feel attached with your properties and not want to separate with them at any time. But as a matter of fact, moving is one of the best timing to reconsider if you really need all your old belongs and if it’s possible to get rid at least of some old items. If you have a 10 years old sofa, just give it away to a friend in need and don’t bother to stuff it into the crowed moving van. If you carry fewer possessions with you, it means less time and effort of moving and this finally results in extra money in your wallets.

4. Pack stuffs by yourself.

It is a time and effort consuming work to pack everything just by yourself, but when you consider the cost of passing this task to a professional moving company, you may be more than happy to do it yourself and save the dollars. You can have a plan and tackle just a little each time to make the job a lot easier. Besides, you can ask your family member or friends to finish a small packing assignment to lighten your load. Eventually, your pocket will be grateful for what you did for it.

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