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4 Money Saving Ideas for Schools

4 Money Saving Ideas for Schools

Schools, similar as other business, can quickly and easily find where the extra expenses are and remove them to save money by simply looking at the budget and analyzing the spending. If you are the president of a school, you should encourage and motivate all the teachers and staffs to get involved in this process. To help you with some starting strategies, we list four ideas that might be helpful.

1. Perform an energy audit.

Usually, your local utility companies provide energy audit services freely in most areas. Call the local power company and request for come-in and analyzing the method of the school in terms of electricity using. Through the energy audit, you will be able to see the areas where energy is wasted and where you can reduce the cost on energy bills. In this way, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars depending on your school’s size.

2. Reduce the usage of papers.

The using of papers is an important source of producing office waste, as well as one large portion of the school’s expenses. To save money, you should reduce the usage of papers by asking all faculties and staffs to communicate electronically. Request all staff members to save their emails to a hard drive instead of printing out emails to save even more papers.

3. Save money by bulk ordering.

Don’t allow individuals to order office supplies by their own. Instead, request all staff members to place orders of needed supplies and forward the orders to a staff in charge. The staff in charge should organize all orders in a certain period and order the supplies in bulk so that discounts can be applicable. Also, by organizing orders, you will be able to reduce the extra or unneeded items.

4. Spark an idea from staffs.

Get your staff together and have a brainstorm to spark an idea. Many of them may have much better money saving ideas than you do and this could help a lot for the school to save money.

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