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4 Golf Swing Tips for Women

4 Golf Swing Tips for Women

The basic golf swing techniques for both women and men are the same, however, due to the fact that women generally possess less strength than men, women may need to work on some of the most important qualities for good swing harder than men. With the help of some strength-building exercises, women can also have their own powerhouse golf swings.

1. Grip in a proper way.

Proper gripping is one of the most important aspects for your golf swing and the position of your hands on the golf club determines how you can swing the club evenly. There are several popular grip methods for female golf players including the interlocking grip, the overlapping grip, and the baseball grip. The interlock grip, in which your little finger of the dominant hand will lock with your index finger of the non-dominant hand, works pretty well for women with short fingers. The overlapping grip requires you to position your little finger of the dominant hand on the top of the index finger of your non-dominant hand directly, which is very good for women who have strong arms. While, the baseball grip works generally well for everyone else and in this grip, all of your ten fingers are going to wrap together around the golf club, side by side. This is an ideal grip method for women with joint problems or small hands.

2. Choose the right posture.

You stance is also important since it keeps you balanced. To have the right posture, you should separate your feet and assign fifty percent of your weight to each of your foot and the weight should be centered on the balls of both feet. Core exercises, as the basis for most Pilates and Yoga course, can help improve your balance in the stance.

3. Exercise your swing techniques.

When you swing the golf club, you should feel the weight of your back foot transferred from the ball of the foot to your heel. To get the right weight shift, your feet should have some flexibility. If you think you are lack of flexibility, you can exercise as following steps to enhance the flexibility in your feet. Grab a chair and sit in it with one of your foot raised off the floor about six inches. Flex the foot towards you and spread your toes, while take a breath. Repeat this process five to ten times with each of your feet. You can exercise your balance on the edge of steps or curb with back of your foot hanging off. You will need to drop your heels down as far as you can without touching the lower level, and then push up onto your toes. You can repeat this process in three to ten times to maintain a good balance.

4. Get rid of slice.

There a several things to help correct slice problems. The very first one is where you position your grip on your golf club. You should turn your hands as far as you can in the same direction with your dominant hand and maintain the proper grip. By doing this, you should be able to reduce grip. The second thing you can do to reduce slice is the swing itself. You need to make sure that your shoulders are swinging back to close to 90 degrees, which could help maintain your club face square and generate power in your swing. If possible, you can move the back foot one or two inch backwards to increase your motion range.

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