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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Flat Hair Irons




Beautiful women need stylish hair to match their face and clothes and flat hair iron is such a useful and popular gadget to style hair. Modern flat hair irons are much better than they used to be and can provide much more choice in parameter controls. Professional hair stylist use flat hair irons to make their clients perfect hairstyle and this is achievable by yourself at home if you have the right tool. It is your choice to smooth the hair or make the hair shiny and this can be done in just several minutes. There are different types of flat hair irons that have various designs and materials, so we prepared some handful tips to help you choose the best flat hair iron.


1. There are different handle designs.

The first thing you can think about is the handle design. Generally, two types of handles are usually used, the spring handle and the squeeze handle. The spring handle creates pressure when it is placed on the hair while for the squeeze type you need to hold the handle together to create enough pressure. These two types of handles are not only different in design, but also come with a wide variety of prices, so you should consider which one to choose based on your budget and preference.


2. Look at plate size and materials.

The next thing you should look at is the size of plate as well as the type of materials it uses. Basically, the size and type of plate of the flat hair irons decide the way your hairstyle look like. If you are dealing with fine hair or short hairstyles, small plates with a size of one inch or less is adequate. However, if you want to flat hair from normal hair in medium length, you should go to the size between one and two inches. Two or three inch plates work best for thick, coarse and curly hair.

The material of the plate is also important. Tourmaline and ceramic are the most popular types of plates since they won’t burn or break hair like the original metal plates and hence are the most suitable materials. Tourmaline plates can release negative ions, which is helpful in locking moisture into the hair while the ceramic type can distribute heat in an even fashion.


3. Temperature setting is needed for perfect hair style.

The flat hair irons you are look at should have a temperature setting that allows you to control the heat temperature of the barrel to the optimum. This function is very important because different hair types require different heat settings. For an instance, thick or curly hair requires high heat while thin or damages one works best under low heat. Besides, based on some environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, you need this heat setting to adjust the heat profiles in order to get the best hair styles.





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