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3 Tips for Buying the Best Popcorn Machine


Popcorn is so popular in theaters and on parties. It is really enjoyable to eat and prepare. It is also a good way if you want to get into food service but have no idea what to start with. People may want to buy a popcorn machine for different reasons, such as preparing and enjoying popcorn with family members, or starting a small business; but what is in common is the difficulty for the first time buyers because buying a popcorn machine involves a lot of choices and things to consider. Here are some handful tips for buying the best popcorn machine.


1.The first thing to consider is your budget.

A popcorn machine can cost you from several hundred bucks up to thousands. The price can be influenced by the kettle size, features, brands and other factors. Before go to details about a certain model, you should get a basic idea about how many you are going to spend on the popcorn machine, so you will save al of time only looking at the machines that fall into your desired price categories.


2.Determine the suitable kettle size according to the number of people you are going to serve simultaneously and the amount of serving you expect to make throughout the day, as well as how much time you’d like to spend on it.

The kettle size is not only dependent on your budget, but also depends on all the questions above. The larger the kettle size, the less time and effort you’ll need to spend on making popcorn. For the use of family, small business and small theaters, a 4 oz model should be enough; if it’s used in retail or business location, the size should be at least 6 to 8 oz.


3.You should also look for warranty, features and electrical requirements and brand.

Generally speaking, the products from brands always offer longer warranty and better service. Besides, you can choose models with extra features as you wish.