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3 Simple Tips on How to Save Money

3 Simple Tips on How to Save Money

Although regularly purchasing large items like electronics can easily dent your wallet if you are not shopping around, how to handle the daily expenditures can also play an important role in your monthly budget and how you can save money. It is a good start to find ways to trim the spending on necessities because it stretches your fund and teaches you to survive during hard times when you lose the job or when you have unexpected bills.

1. Trim your food expenses.

It is very costly to buy ready-made food and resisting such purchase will save you hundreds of dollars per month. Instead, prepare your own meals at home when possible. You can make dishes as casseroles for multiple serving and freeze the leftovers for the following days. When you are out for work, pack your own meal instead of dining out. You can also try to replace the meats with more veggies and carbohydrates. Additionally, cut your intake of junk food and desserts and spend at least one day just eat fruits and salads. Drink less coffee or alcohol beverages, instead, make water as your primary drink.

2. Reduce the household bills.

Household bills share large portion of your monthly expenses and you can look through them to find ways of saving. For example, expenses on utility and related maintenance is a good place to think about. In winter times, you can set the thermostat to 65 degrees F, wear more layers of clothes, and properly seal the doors and windows so that less energy is needed to heat the house. In summer season, use fans as supplementary method for cooling in addition to air conditioner. If some appliances and lights are not in use, switch them off or even unplug them to save electricity. When you are doing cleaning jobs, stick with a multipurpose product or natural one like vinegar with hot water. Substitute the paper towel with rags to wipe up spills. Go through your cell phone, television and Internet bills and research to see if you can find a service package that bundles all the services above for a discounted price. If possible, cancel some magazine or video subscriptions.

3. Work together to save more.

If you are saving money all by yourself, it may be difficult. But how about unite all your family members together? Make the process of saving money a common goal for your family and stick together to the budget plan that all the family member agree with. Some simple ways including doing an errand for your husband when you are out but not spending unnecessary gas by himself, taking long walks in new area around your house for entertainment, having your friends to your house for a potluck, etc. You can barter with your neighbor that you do the laundry work for them once per week and as a return, they give your car a tune-up each month. You can also trade CDs, books, clothes or any other items between families or neighbors instead of buying or renting from stores.

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