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3 Job Interview Tips for Applying Federal Jobs

3 Job Interview Tips for Applying Federal Jobs

Working for federal government is a stable, exciting and sometimes challenging way to live a life. Federal jobs cover a wide range of variety from law enforcement jobs and postal carriers to positions in finance and law. If you applied for a federal job and is going to your interview, you should wear a traditional and polished suit, carry your resume and arrive earlier than the appointment time. Federal government jobs come with its unique set of requirements including how to handle stressful situations and how to fit yourself within a structured government settings, etc.

1. Dress appropriately for the federal jobs.

Working for federal government requires you to get dresses for the part at the interview. Once you sign up for one of the government branches, you are about to represent the country and hence you should show your respect to your interviewer by dressing appropriately. For both female and male applicants, a dark-colored, conservative suit with classic touches is a good choice while ladies can consider matching the suit with a pearl necklace and men can select a subdued tie. Men should choose a pair of dark and closed-toe shoes with your suit and also carry your briefcase or leather folder containing your resume. Women should avoid heavy makeup and colored nail polish while men should stay away from too much jewelry and cologne. In a word, you want to show your personality and qualifications and let them outshine your outfit.

2. Punctuate your accomplishment.

To better explain that you are the best choice for certain job positions, you should highlight your shining moments of your previous working experiences during your interview. Identify your proudest accomplishment, which makes you one of the top performers at your past employer. Federal government jobs emphasize on how you deliver results for the division so it is necessary to point out one or more instances where you were a company star during your interview. You should start to prepare for the interview at least two weeks in advance so you’ll have enough time to select some crowning work achievements and work out your list. Go through the achievements and pick up those fit best for your current job interview. You should select the achievements that could get you the most positive response from the interviewers.

3. Anticipate questions from interviewers.

Some questions in a federal job interview may seem different compared to those you can find in a traditional one. The most important thing that an interviewer wants to determine is how you can handle stressful situations and how you could resolve problems in a specific federal organization. You should be prepared to answer questions like how to handle things in the federal government when you are still an outsider. You will also be asked about how to deal with conflict or difficult people and how you managed to solve a conflict in your previous working experience. When you practice answering questions, don’t just do it in front of a mirror, instead, find a friend to conduct a mock interview at home. Role play on how you plan to answer questions and how to respond the follow-ups. For an example, when you are asked how to deal with conflict, you might need to elaborate the situation, people involved, the outcome as well as how the conflict was solved.

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