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3 Golf Tips on Driving Distance

3 Golf Tips on Driving Distance

You may have practiced many times to make a solid and repeatable swing by ensuring enough contact between the club and the ball as well as to have decent aim. Although you can make quality putts, you know better score could be achieved if more distance can be obtained off the tee.  For an amateur golfer, 200 yards is a decent distance for driving the ball, but for professionals, the number is normally around 300 yards. It is true that professionals have the best equipment and devote years and years of time and effort to work on golf games each day, however, with several useful technique, you can close gap with a professional.

1. Slow down the swing.

It may sound counterproductive to get more distance from your drives by slowing your swing down, but it actually works. Our bodies tense up when we try to swing the ball too hard and this makes us become stiff and fluid movement is difficult to achieve, which generates more power. Hence, instead of using your full power, just swing your driver with about 75 % of your force and you should notice the change in distance immediately. You can try to increase your swing speed when you feel more comfortable about this way of swing.

2. Turn your shoulders.

Some golf players get their lower body moving too much during a backswing, especially when they also play baseball. You should be aware that the power is generated through the coiling and uncoiling of your body, and such coiling effect could be increased if you keep your head and legs still while rotate shoulders back. You will be able to increase your shoulder turn and increase the maximum power you can generate via stretching exercises. Additionally, legs are also helpful in keeping your weight forward. The driving distance will be hampered if the weight is not shifted off from the back foot.

3. Tee it a little bit up.

Many amateur golfers commit a common but quickly fixable mistake that they tee the ball into the ground so they could contact the ball with center face of the club. However, if you tee the ball a little bit higher and contact above the club face center, you can generate a higher launch angle to achieve larger carry distance. It is particularly important nowadays due to the large driver heads. As one among the very few clubs, the driver needs you to hit it on the upward stroke instead of a descending blow. It helps a lot to achieve this if you move the ball forward in your stance.

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