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3 Golf Swing Tips on How to Avoid Over the Top Swing

3 Golf Swing Tips on How to Avoid Over the Top Swing

When your club gets outside the correct swing plane, a so called over the top swing happens, which, most commonly, results in a slice. There are lots of factors that may lead to an over the top swing and all of them occur before the downswing. For example, when a golf player puts himself in an improper position when he address the ball and make the back swing, he may have the over the tops wing. Here are out kind tips on how to tackle with this issue.

1. Deal with the open club face.

As mentioned, an over the top swing can happen when a player is addressing the ball. When the player has a weak grip on the club, an open club face will be an expected result. An open face leads to a slice, and you will try to compensate this by swinging more to your left, if you are a right-handed player. In order to fix the problem, you should apply a stronger grip. Rotate your lead hand over the club farther and hence your natural hand position can make a closed or square club face.

2. Address with flat take away.

Next area where you may commit a mistake of over the top swing is the take away, which is probably one of the most common cause for over the top swing. Generally, there are two kinds of improper movement causing the improper swing plane, namely inappropriate posture and arms rotating too fast. To solve the former one, you should bend at your hips when you are addressing the ball and maintain your neck and shoulder as straight as you can, which altogether contribute to creating a proper plane. To deal with the latter cause, you should allow your shoulders to guide your arms to keep the club within the right plane. If you can feel the improper take away, then it means you are throwing the club out of the right swing plane during the downswing and over the top.

3. Watch your weight.

Most golfers understand that they should put their weight on the forward foot during contacting the ball, however, if you shift the weight far forward too quickly, the weight tends to shift back when you back swing, while the club is going to be over the top. Although you may have learnt “stack and tilt”, which gives you a forward weight mentality, it is very important to allow some weight to shift back first and then slide forward when the downswing begins.

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