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3 Golf Swing Tips for Increasing Swing Speed

3 Golf Swing Tips for Increasing Swing Speed

It is every golfer’s dream to hit the ball a little bit farther and there is a difference between birdie and bogey of gaining an extra speed of 20 or 30 yards on a hitting. The consistent long shot is achieved when proper swing speed and good contact at the point of impact are combined. With a faster swing, golfers can obtain added distance on each of their shots.

1. Keep the club squared.

Many golfers have problem in maintaining a consistent swing motion because they often commit a common mistake when they bring back the club too far outside the optimal swing plane, and then bring the club back to the hitting zone to make some compensation. The result of this process is a longer and slower swing, with increased probability of poor contact between ball and club, as well as slicing balls into the trees. A good swing should be drawn with the club straight back and forward, and hitting the ball with the center of the face of clubs. If you can master this kind of swing, you will be capable of increasing the speed of swing to achieve greater distance.

2. Change to heavier clubs.

A heavier club and a light one have different impact on driving distance and you should opt for a heavier one is you want to obtain increased swing speed. Although a heavier club makes you feel cumbersome during the first several usages, the heavier clubs with heavier shafts and club faces offer you extra pendulum action, which is a trademark of proper golf swing. If you can get used to a heavier set of woods and irons, you can quickly notice the difference in the driving distance. With some practice, you can create a faster swing and added distance on your shots.

3. Practice makes perfect.

In addition to proper technique and equipment, you should also practice more and develop your muscles to fully explore your potential in golf games. Some lifting work and other wrist, arm and core-strengthening practices are all beneficial for golfers to increase their swing speed. It does not mean to swing the golf club with extra force, which might result in poor shoots and sloppy form. Instead, by building a strong core, a golfer will be able to move more fluidly across the hitting zone, making it possible for him to maximize the swing torque and get the optimized results. The added force comes from the swing speed but not from the additional exertion of the follow through.

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